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Online Auctions

Now our most popular form of buying and selling.  Online auctions provide a real alternative to conventional auction sales.  Hassall Brothers can provide the skills, knowledge and platform to successfully buy and sell online.

Below are just some of the benefits of Online Auctions:

– Greater buyer reach
– Less stress and significantly reduced sale preparation/work load
– Cost effective – significantly reduce your sales cost
– Financial security – all payments must be received and cleared prior to collection
– Saves valuable time, quick and convenient way of buying and selling
– Clear and transparent pricing with capped commission
– Simple and easy to use

Direct Livestock Sales

With over 4,000 animals sold, direct (farm to farm) sales is the go to solution for farmers looking to buy or sell all breeds and classes of pedigree and commercial dairy and beef livestock. Ranging from full herd sales to single and mixed groups we have a wealth of clients across the country that we actively work with.

Here are some of the reasons why our clients choose the Direct Sales option:

– Alleviates the need to sell at market, therefore providing a significant cost saving
– Discreet and confidential buying and selling service
– Reduces the stress placed on livestock during a market sale, thus improving animal welfare
– Payment security; stock is only released once full, cleared funds received
– Stock is sold ex farm gate price, no need to pay or arrange for haulage

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Specialist Online Auctions

For sales that may be seasonal or a little bit different. Onsite Auctions will make the sale stand out from the crowd. With extensive marketing and specially selected unique locations Hassall Brothers can provide the complete package to create a sale and event not to be forgotten.